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Everything You Need to Know about Sex Webcam Sites

Are you tired of average live sex-cam shows? There are so many out there nowadays that it’s almost impossible to know which ones are the best ones, or with the hottest connections. Sites like, or get so old and so boring so fast because you end up there time and again when you don’t know where to go for real pleasure. All those annoying popups showing some hot girl who wants to chat just there to mislead you down a path of boredom. If you want to feel real excitement again the check out what we have to offer. This site is just not any old live sex show webcam site, it’s beyond the usual. You’ll find all the best action of what’s going on the sexy webcams sites, right here.

Live-shows are they real: True or False?


Are liveshows real? When sex shows on live webcams first became widespread, I know that even I had many doubts as to how real and authentic these sites and services could be. I’m by nature a suspicious person so I was almost sure that these sites were scams to steal money. I mean would these girls actually have live conversations with me? Not some rehearsed and banal pre-recorded messages meant to lead us on? I mean I was convinced that they were fake and didn’t want to lose my money to these scam artists. But as they became more popular I decided why not give them a try? Just to have a chance to see girls from my fantasies was worth spending a few bucks and see where it lead to. After I tried it, and I won’t spoil the surprise (since you’re reading this, you must be just as curious as me). Let me just say that you really are connected to live girls who are excited to chat and share themselves with you via live cam. Yeah they are doing it for money, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t work hard to make it feel real for you.

Registering, Buying and Getting Free Credits


It’s important to register because that probably means that the site is legit. When you register, which is usually a simple process – easy as 1,2,3 – you’ll have your own ID, your own way to track what you spend and a way for the same cam girls to recognize you every time you use the live webcam service or site. For example, on a site like, one of the first sites I ever tried, all these sites need is your basic info, an email, a password and create a cool username. And for doing that I got a credit for $9.99. These credits were a great incentive because you can use that to give credits to the girls you like most, and in that way you can see more of them and the special services they offer – like live masturbating – or other intimate interactions, if you pay them well with credits. That’s why there are so many girls online, willing to get naked and sexual live because they are in it for the profit. This is where you get what you pay for. Free credits let you try the site and get oriented. And if you want to keep using it you can recharge your profile with any of the packages or offers a site have so you can spend your credits on the girls and live action you want. You decide how much you want to spend, but you can cultivate some fun live webcam relationships with sexy girls that will satisfy your need for sex through their lives webcam shows.

Live Sex Shows on Webcams: How does it work?


After you’ve registered and you’re set up to go, you’ll realize the that the live cam girls will give you more attention and credence because you’re a client now. As an official member the girls know they can trust you and that you’re there to enjoy them and spend some good money on real pleasure. Almost every sex show webcam site has this kind of structure, and so members who are registered have that trust factor that people who are not registered just do not get. Once you’re a member you’ll get that personal attention that you’re seeking. You can have private one on one chat with hot and sexy girls who are exclusively dedicating their time to you. Since girls can be live on several sites, they will only give you credence or respect when you can afford private chatting. Each chick usually sets the price, starting from $1.99 a minute up to $4.99 for more niche or specific performances. Prices also depend on the site you use. So for example the 10 free credits you get from LiveJasmin you could have a sexy 5-minute chat with a hot girl which would be enough to get you hot and bothered. Check our profiles of girls to see exactly what kind of performances she offer and you can ask her directly in chat what she’ll do for how much. If you decided she is the sex chat girl for you, then you can jump right into a video chat by the click of one button. Once it starts – you can ask her to start doing whatever you agreed to. Don’t be afraid to ask for what it takes to fulfill your fantasies.

What are the hottest sites?

There are so many new sites that have popped up, but many don’t have a lot of girls available online. So the ones I keep returning to are the most popular or most populated sites that make me feel the safest spending my time and money. And the more I spend the more free credits I can to spend on these lovely ladies. So, outside, I also check out and quite often. I don’t want to bore you with the details, so I’ll just review the functions that I like on these sites, so you can take the time to discover the perks of the rest.




The best features


This is an awesome feature that I really like to be on any cam-site that I visit. This is where you can see various live-streams simultaneously and you don’t have to click on each one and wait for the stream to load. This multi-viewer option is amazing but only ImLive has it. It’s so easy to use, click “Multi-Viewer” or click the following link, and you’ll be able to watch 6 streams live simultaneously if you want. You can scroll between the streams much faster if you’re on a PC than any other device and with a good internet connection you can enjoy your multi-view whenever you want. Unfortunately it’s not supported on smartphones and tablets yet.


LiveJasmin once had a feature like this one before, in a previous version, but now their site is more mobile friendly. So you can use your smartphone, or tablet and enjoy everything the site has to offer on the go. No more stuck in front of your PC at home. But one of my favorite features on this site is not just the mobility it offers but for the more intimate video-chatting feature it offers with any device. I like how fast and easy the site responds at the touch of a button or swipe, and it’s so much fun to use, that if you want more mobile sex chat video action, then this is the site for you.


The best part of Streamate is not so much the technical savvy of the site but rather that they have the most most girls online that are ready to offer their services to you quick and easy. A lot of these girls are college chicks from the US who also are performing daily so you can find the right chick for you. They have porn stars too who are online. So if you want hot and sexy girls that speak perfect English and are from the US, then this is the site for you. The only thing is it streams a bit slower than the other two sites and you don’t have multi-stream capabilities. Also the streams take time to load so you have to be able to wait. If you don’t have a lot of time then this can be annoying. They have something called the ‘Gold Shows’ where the girl is trying to make a certain amount of money, let’s say $100. She has maybe an hour to get enough clients to pay to start her show – a maximum time is set. Those you want to see the show pay and wait for her to reach her goal before the touted show starts for all who payed a ticket. She will advertise what she will do in advance. If she doesn’t sell enough and reach her quota then she’ll go back to doing private shows, but these are great because usually a gold show will offer something extra than a regular private viewing.

Overall, I think I’ve given you a good run down of what’s out there, so now it’s up to you to sign up, explore and enjoy!

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